Carmela’s Story

“For most cancer patients losing your hair is the one of the hardest parts of treatment. Changing your hair styles can change your whole look and your eyebrows are often what defines your facial features. The thought of losing mine was subsequently very hard to deal with when I was diagnosed.

As an active mother, wife and teacher who takes pride in how she looks and who is unable to hide, my insecurities heightened during this difficult period of my life. I happily wore wigs to hide my hair loss but I refused to spend an extra 30 minutes each morning pencilling on eyebrows. Apart from anything, I’m not a professional make-up artist and the thought of looking like one of the children had scribbled on my face was frankly frightening!

After doing some research I decided it was time for me to have them permanently tattooed so I visited a clinic local to me, more out of convenience than anything else. Although they were nice, the overall experience was not what I had hoped for and looking back I realise they were less interested in me and more about my wallet.

I was introduced to Geraldine not long after my mother-in-law visited her and incidentally wouldn’t stop raving about her new fabulous eyebrows, so I booked a consultation immediately.”

“It has been 6 years since I was diagnosed with cancer and I visit Geraldine twice a year for my top ups and every time she is as thorough and attentive as the first. The passion that she has to want to help people feel good about themselves is contagious and when she says she cares, she really does. I couldn’t recommend her any more than I already do.

I want to personally thank her for bringing back my confidence. Whether you are undergoing cancer treatment or not, she is the best at what she does and she has played a vital role in my road to full recovery.” - Carmela    

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