September 2019 Newsletter

Beautifully Bold this Autumn No September Blues Summer has literally flown by, but then, of course it would with two little energetic five year olds enjoying their six week long holiday, while my husband and I frantically juggled work and entertaining them, in between packing and moving house! Thankfully our hard work and sleepless nights culminated in a relaxing week in the beautiful, sunny Menorca where we could finally put our feet up before the new school year started. Needless to say the rush and craziness was all worth it. What a paradise! We had the most amazing time sharing a ... More

August 2019 Newsletter

The Circle of Life The Joy of Decluttering Joshua Becker said that “The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don't.” This is where I am this August. As mentioned in last month’s blog we are moving to a new house and whilst I’m super excited, I’m also apprehensive about the amount of packing I’ve still got to do! I’m turning it into a positive by having a little de-clutter session along the way and clearing out everything we don’t need or use, from old clothes, DVD’s that are now redundant, to my daughters disregarded toys (if they ... More

July 2019 Newsletter

Dare to Bare Here Comes The Sun… I don’t want to speak too soon but I think summer has finally arrived in England! The days are longer, the sun is shining, and I’ve replaced my usual soup lunch with crispy, colourful, yummy salads. Happy days! ☺ Of course, with summer comes the school holidays and hopefully, some much needed time to relax and unwind, but this summer holds extra excitement for our little family. Apart from our girls finishing their first year at primary school (they adore their school which makes me so happy☺), and the 6 week-long summer holidays ... More

June 2019 Newsletter

Nature & Nurture Mother Nature, the Natural Beauty… I think every parent skipped for joy when their newsfeeds were flooded with images of the Duchess of Cambridge unveiling her 'Back to Nature' garden at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show last month. The playful landscape featured a rope swing, a trickling waterfall and a woodland wonderland - all of which brings back beautiful memories of childhood times. We live in a digital-age now but seeing little Princes George and Louis, and the gorgeous Princess Charlotte, innocently playing and wandering barefoot around the garden, shows that ... More

May 2019 Newsletter

Marvellous May Yes, you May... There is just nothing like a well-deserved holiday that is stress-free, work-free and phone-free. And the beauty of an ‘offline’ break is that days seem longer and life becomes more interesting when we take a step back and just enjoy everything around us! My mum’s visit from South Africa was perfect and packed full of sunshine, fun and relaxation with her, and of course my two favourite girls. From visiting Paradise Wildlife Park to beautiful afternoon teas at the Ritz and in a princess carriage at House of Fraser (can I please be little again? ... More

April 2019 Newsletter

Relaxed, Renewed, Reborn A Spring in my step The countdown has officially begun until my mum’s visit in a couple of weeks! Almost a year has passed since we last all saw each other, and with Easter and the school holidays upon us, I have no doubt that these two weeks together are going to be extra special. A year may not be much in terms of all the living that we do but seeing the significant changes that my girls go through at their youthful 4 years of age, through someone else’s eyes who doesn’t see them as often as I do, is just wonderful. I cannot wait for my Mum to see them and ... More

March 2019 Newsletter

The Future is Female Lucky Number Seven Every March I do a little happy dance as I celebrate another year in business. How fantastic to say that on the 1st March 2019, I marked my seventh glorious year of owning my own Permanent Make Up and Microblading clinic in London. I love that my work anniversary falls in the same month as International Women’s Day on the 8th March. Life can throw curve balls at us from all directions but thankfully we’re surrounded and supported by beautiful, strong women who pick us up when we fall down, see our potential even when we doubt ourselves, believe ... More

February 2019 Newsletter

Made with Love And just like that, February the “mini-month” has arrived! For me, February is like the bridge between cold, grey January and “spring-is-in-sight-March”, linking the two together and making us excited and eagerly anticipating the warmer, longer days that are just around the corner. February oozes love and excitement! You can’t walk around the corner without seeing adverts filled with hearts and shops showing the love with their beautiful red and pink window displays. Restaurants invite us inside with their romantic themed dinners and hotels seduce us with their ... More

January 2019 Newsletter

Even More You 

New Year, Same You It is said that knowledge comes from learning and wisdom from living. Isn’t this so true? As a new year holds new prospects to look forward to, 2018 also added greatly to our ‘wisdom bank’ from the memories we made, experiences we had and insights we gained. I love how as the New Year arrives (and as we get older 😉) priorities change and we give attention to what really matters. We selflessly realise that we are indeed worthy of being top of the priority list (or at least share the top rank 😉). And so it should be! It... More

December 2018 Newsletter

Don’t Blink 👀 And in just a blink of an eye we’re in mid-December and Christmas is just around the corner! London is yet again decorated with beautiful, sparkling Christmas lights; it truly is a magnificent sight that is sure to convert any old, grumpy Christmas Grinch into a Christmas lover! The spirit of Christmas is echoed in the gorgeous window displays and decorations, inviting shops and restaurants, mulled wine and mince pies and not to forget, yes, even the irritated pedestrians and nonchalant shoppers and visitors from afar (who seem not to know that the left hand ... More