Kamila’s story

“I’d had my eyebrows treated before in another country a number of years ago, but I wasn’t happy with the outcome as they faded fast and the result wasn’t at all natural looking.

With a really active lifestyle, I don’t have time to spend hours putting my make-up on every morning but I am conscious that my eyebrows are an important feature of my face and I still want them to look defined.

Before I met with Geraldine, I was fearful that I wouldn’t be happy due to my previous experience, however, I knew I was in safe hands as she quickly understood exactly what I was looking for. Up until this point I felt pigeon-holed into a specific treatment style, shape or trend, however Geraldine re-assured me that she would create a bespoke treatment making sure that they looked really natural and suited the shape of my face.”

“Geraldine​ has such a personal approach and as I was a little nervous, I was very grateful that she took the time to talk me through each stage of the process, making me aware of possible discolouration, how pigment can be absorbed differently depending on your skin type and the after care of my brows. Even before proceeding with the treatment she meticulously drew pencil on my eyebrows, using a ruler to make sure they were even and that I was 100% happy before going ahead. Her professionalism and quality of care was excellent.

I really love how my eyebrows look.

Thank you Geraldine!”

- Kamila    

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