July 2017 Newsletter

It’s a big deal!

When someone walks in to my clinic for the very first time I always try to make him or her feel at home. Although it is meant to be an exciting experience, it is normal for anyone to feel nervous and to me this is definitely not a bad thing; it is a good indication that the individual has spent time thinking through their decision to have a Permanent Make Up treatment, very carefully.

Everyone has different reasons for visiting my clinic, but the majority of clients share similar concerns and although I do have a Q&A page on my website, I thought it might be beneficial to focus on the topic of ‘nervousness’ this month and for any one who is considering Permanent Make Up with me or perhaps elsewhere.


I want to start by highlighting FIVE of the main concerns my clients have, before they choose to have Permanent Make Up:

1. The Fear of the Unknown

With our Discreetly Subtle Eyebrow Enhancement procedure, results are natural and tailored to suit the individual being treated.

The first concern that a lot of people have, is will they like what they see once the treatment is over? The fear of the unknown is very common. Some of us embrace change but for the majority of us, we are fearful of the consequences and the impacts it will have on our life, wellbeing, happiness etc. and the same applies for Permanent Make Up. A lot of clients I treat have spent years, if not, decades, over-plucking their eyebrows, which has resulted in the loss of their natural shape. It can then be a daunting experience when someone you have just met, suggests a new shape.

To help clients understand why I suggest a particular shape, I use my iPad to take photographs with and without their make-up on and by zooming in to the shot, I can show them the difference in the images and recommend where changes can be made.

I spend a lot of time during the consultation carefully outlining the treatment area with a pencil to reflect these changes, until both parties are satisfied with the result. Instead of removing this straight after, I believe it is important to spend the rest of the day ’wearing’ the look and gain opinion from friends and family. Some of my clients often don’t tell their loved ones they are having anything done and it is interesting for my clients to hear their honest opinions.

After the consultation is over, I make notes of our discussion and agreed treatment plan, which we can then review in detail together, on the day of the actual treatment. My number one priority is to make sure my clients are well informed prior to treatment and thus less anxious/nervous on the day; therefore it is important to have your consultation on a separate day to the treatment.

2. Finding the Perfect Match

Subtle definition was added to my clients already beautiful eyebrows by filling in sparse areas and redefining her arch.

Everyone sees colour differently and everyone has a different style and definition of what looks ‘natural’ to them. At my clinic, we pride ourselves on embracing individuality and strive to create the perfect one-of-a-kind eyebrow that suits you. We urge our clients not to go by fashion trends as these are ever changing and recommend using a pigment that matches your natural eyebrow hair colour. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot ask for a lighter or darker shade; we work in a 2-step-treatment process and our ethos is ‘less-is-more’ for the first appointment before we consider darkening the area during the retouch.

Several different pigments are blended together to create the best possible match for my clients. These colours are tested on the day of the treatment to ensure they are as close as possible to your natural eyebrow hair colour. The colour will fade approximately 60-70 % following the first treatment and if it is still too soft by the time you have your retouch appointment, we can amend it to perfect the results.

3. Permanent Make Up is for Girls – Wrong!

Our Unique Design Eyebrow Enhancement procedure is perfectly natural to suit male clients too.

There is a common misconception that Permanent Make Up is just for women; it is suitable for men too. Men have the same confidence issues and desires to look the best they can, just as much as women do. The number of male clients having Permanent Make Up is on the rise due to growing awareness and readily available information online.

Paragraph space here With our subtle results and discreet approach, male clients travel from all over the world for the same expert advice that I give my female clients. The only difference in concern, is that male clients often don’t wear make-up and thus, worry that the result will be too obvious or feminine.

A detailed consultation is again key here to ensure that clients know exactly what the process involves and what to expect. It is important for those who worry that it will be too obvious to begin with to prepare for a bit of downtime. Our Discreetly Subtle Eyebrow Enhancement treatment was designed with this in mind; clients wanting to see a change subtle enough that no-one will know exactly what they have had done.

4. Will it hurt?!

I am asked this question almost every day and there is no, one answer, for all.

Permanent Make Up is a tattoo and needles are used during the treatment so a sensation will be felt throughout but how you categorise this all depends on your individual threshold.

5. Improving someone else’s work

A great example of how a little corrective work can make a subtle yet striking difference to my clients eyebrows and eyeliner.

If you have had treatment elsewhere, it is even more important to book a consultation first. Techniques, the technician’s skill, pigment ranges, products and equipment, all differ from artist to artist and therefore we need to be able to assess the area first to give an honest answer as to whether we can improve, cover or repeat a treatment over the work.

It is understandable to be nervous if you have been left unsatisfied elsewhere in the past, rest assure that by discussing your hopes for the outcome with us at the time of the consultation, we will give try our utmost to help where we can.

Of course, the flip side to feeling nervous is the excitement and joy my clients feel once the treatment is over and the results are better than they had expected! With summer now here, the sporting social season just starting and lots of us counting down the days to our holidays, now is a perfect time to book in a consultation. There are many benefits to Permanent Make Up but one of them, is how you can embrace a ‘make-up free’ day with more confidence.


It’s always nice to visit my clinic when the sun is shining in London. I am so lucky to be based in Mayfair and on the doorstep to Bond Street where there is an abundance of cafés, shops and restaurants to relax in before your treatment. I also keep seeing all these wonderful new summer pop-ups in Time Out and the Metro and I wish I could try them all. There is something about sun, London and a quirky food venue that just go hand in hand! Here are just a handful of ones that I have my eye on:

  • St. James' Market Opening Week
    To celebrate the official opening of St. James’ Market, the area is hosting a week of celebrations, with live music and world class cuisine from the surrounding restaurants.
  • The View from the Shard - Wimbledon Pop-up
    Experience the highest pop-up screening in the UK with The View from the Shard. They will be showing the games on the open-air sky-deck, surrounded by 360 degree views of the city. Not forgetting the great, tennis-themed cocktails!
  • Le Crown and Cactus - Chambord Pop-up Pub
    Chambord are hosting a 3-day pop-up pub in Soho to celebrate summer, and give people a chance to try Chambord Royale mixed with sparkling wine.
  • The Wigmore Tavern
    The Langham is getting a new tavern next-door and Michel Roux Jr. is in charge of the food! This is a must-try.
  • Core by Clare Smyth
    The first solo venture of the Chef Patron of Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Hospital Road opens. This has to be this months’ biggest opening!

For further information on any of the topics I have covered in this blog or to find out more about the full consultation process, please contact my clinic via email on enquiries@geraldineviljoen.co.uk or call us today on 0203 664 8985 / 07875697477.


I hope to see you at my clinic very soon.

Love Geraldine