June 2017 Newsletter

Sunny Days Ahead!

When the sun comes out in London, it means only one thing – grab that table outside and don’t let it go!

When temperatures sore, the City transforms. Gone are the starch suit jackets and itchy cardigans, the brisk walkers with always somewhere important to be and the grumpy, oh so, pasty faces. Hello, to the open shirted, smiling, carefree individuals who can make a G&T last more than a few hours on a Thursday afternoon!

As a South African who has lived here for 12 years, I have fully embraced what used to be an alien concept to me – sunbathing in the local park! I love how London folk seem to emerge from hibernation as soon as the sun comes out!

June is often the first time flesh is fully exposed in the City during working hours and yes boys, I do mean ladies’ legs, sans tights. As a woman, I can tell you that this event is clearly earmarked in our calendars and one that fills us with both joy and unspoken fear. It marks the beginning of a spendathon on fancy hair removal creams, oils, elixirs and UV sun creams, all in a bid to look as effortlessly flawless as those leggy Victoria’s Secrets model in the Mayfair shop window. Well, we might not all be 5”10 with Claudia Schiffer hair and legs like Naomi Campbell, but, we are all unique and beautiful and that is why my mantra is “Natural Beauty. Perfected.” Every treatment I offer is not about emulating someone else or creating such a dramatic look that no one will ever recognise you again, it is simply about working with your natural beauty and enhancing it to perfect your uniqueness!

Many people turn to Permanent Make-up as result of damage from over plucking in the area. If we don’t pluck them ourselves, we often trust salon professionals to get the same, perfect shape every time we visit. By changing therapists regularly or the method in which they use though, (waxing, threading etc.) can also result in the loss of your natural shape over time.

This Before & After picture of one of my recent Eyebrow treatments shows what Permanent Make-up can do for people with this problem.

The stunning result of a Unique Design Eyebrow Treatment

Instead of trying to create a very thick, ‘on trend’ bold eyebrow that many of the young stars of today have, I carefully added enough volume resulting in a very natural, manageable and classic look which will never date or become ‘unfashionable.’

I always create this natural base with every treatment I offer, so that a client can embrace life without the use of heavy make-up but has the confidence that should they wish to, they can enhance their look with liners and bold colours at home, knowing they can remove this whenever they like.

Aside from work I am ready for another busy, but fun, month ahead. My beautiful girls turn 3 years old on the 23rd so as part of our family tradition both my husband and I will be taking the day off to celebrate with them. We are planning a visit to Peppa Pig World on the same weekend, followed by a Dinosaur/Princess Party on the Sunday (one of the joys of having two girls who are currently into completely different things)!

I have also bravely entered myself in to the 5km Colour Run in London, with my good friend Cate on 11th June. Please do let me know if you plan on entering – the more the merrier!

Love Geraldine