November 2016 Newsletter – Part 1

G​rab your sparkly dress…it’s time to party!

Aside from it being socially acceptable to stock up on countless roasties, mulled wine sachets and Celebration tins for Christmas (in case you should need them), I love the festive atmosphere that embarks on London ​ in November. ​Although I am slightly upset about the Dom Pérignon ‘Transformation’ Pop-up closing on South Molton Street in October​ after only 3 days, I am sure there will be another Champagne Pop-up to tickle my fancy! Everyone seems in a great mood this time of year and although shopping on Oxford Street for Christmas presents on a Saturday can make even the happiest Elf want to postpone Christmas next year, a sense of hope and happiness fills the air.

The food in the shops is ​heartier (and more calorific, yay!) the streets are prettier when dressed in dazzling fairy lights and even the makeup lining the counters of Selfridges seems better!

This year celebrities and models on the AW runways in Paris, London, Milan and New York​ showed us all how it’s done this Christmas. Sparkly eyes and luscious blackcurrant lips ruled the runways and this has given us all ideas for our 2016 Christmas Party. I have selected a few of my favourites below that I can’t wait to try out.!

​Our Favourite 2016 Christmas Party Looks​:

Karl​i​e Kloss's extreme​ gold​ glitter eye make-up

Karl​i​e Kloss’s extreme​ gold​ glitter eye make-up

Demi Lovato's vampy burgundy lipstick

Demi Lovato’s vampy burgundy lipstick

Lilly Collins​'s ​super long lashes and a​ simple​ glossy red pout​

Lilly Collins​’s ​super long lashes and a​ simple​ glossy red pout​

Although all of these ​’​catwalk looks​’​ are unique, they all share on​e ​thing in common – ​they​ all​ show off their beautifully long, ​curled lashes!

We all know that celebrities have make-up artists on hand to apply their false eyelashes and get them red carpet-ready at the drop off a hat, but over the past year, more celebrities have come forward to admit they​ no longer like to use falsies due to the damage they can cause to the natural lash and there is only one treatment on everybody’s lips – LVL!

Michelle Keegan has openly spoken about how much she loves ​ how the treatment darkens her lashes and gives them more volume whilst maintaining a natural appearance and Cosmopolitan write​r, ​Taylor Anderson said that she​ was​ “Gobsmacked at the results. I’ve never seen my lashes so curled, and I’ve had daily compliments on how nice they look.”

We too ​love​ LVL and with Christmas just around the corner we think it is time to treat yourself ​or a loved one​​ to this must-have beauty treatment of 2016! After all, who doesn’t want to look and feel fabulous for up to 6 weeks with minimal maintenance needed?!

​Before & After of our LVL Lash Treatment​

​Before & After of our LVL Lash Treatment​

Our LVL treatments cost £75 without a lash tint and £85 with a lash tint (including a necessary at home sensitivity test) and if you are interested in buying a Voucher as a gift for someone special then these are redeemable against any LVL treatment or Permanent Make-Up Treatment with us.

Please note that all new Permanent Make-Up clients will need to book ​a consultation ​​prior to booking a procedure so that we can discuss your needs ​in full.

There are only ​55​ days to go until Christmas so make sure you don’t miss out on securing your appointment/voucher and bringing a smile to someone’s face!

​Please contact us via email at or call us on +44 (0) 78 75 69 7477