September 2016 Newsletter

What September Blues?!

 The dreaded Back to School signs can be seen hanging precariously in every shop window and for many of us (adults included) the holidays feel like a very, very long time ago… 

September is often the month where lots of people start to feel low. The sun is starting to fade, it’s the time when we all start pulling those bulky coats out of the closet in preparation for the months ahead and our next hope of carelessly enjoying rum punch and dancing like no-one is watching, is at the work Christmas party which is approximately 100 days away… *Sigh*

There are however a number of ways to banish the ‘September blues’ and make the run up to Christmas this year a positive one! Rebecca Faulkner, a very close friend and qualified psychotherapist has provided us with some tips on how to stay happy and healthy this Autumn.

Rebecca Faulkner, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist.

Rebecca Faulkner, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist.

“Once holidays are over and people are back in the mundane routine that is real life, the ‘September Blues’ really can take their toll. It is very easy to look out at the gloomy weather and think that it is a good idea to stay in, and not bother going out. While this is lovely, sometimes doing it too much can lead to isolation and feeling down. Without a doubt, the best way to stay happy and positive as the season changes is to go and see people. Don’t spend time turning thoughts over in your head; get out there! Meet a friend for a coffee or a glass of wine. Spend some time with family, volunteer or give up some of your time to help someone else in need. It can be anything, just get out there, talk to people and don’t put your life on hold waiting for Spring to arrive. Some people reading this may be shy or find large social environments intimidating but if you start saying hello to people behind the counter in a shop or whilst you are all patiently waiting at a bus stop, not only will you probably make their day but you’ll feel a buzz from the social contact. Better still; why not get involved in the World’s largest coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and help raise money for a fantastic charity whilst helping your own mental health at the same time!

Happy Autumn Everyone (It’s actually my favourite season!)”

I for one am going to embrace September and make it a great one by using Becky’s recommendations:

*I am going to make sure I go for some nice long walks in the park. I adore the lush colours of the trees and it can be a great way to explore my photography hobby further

*My birthday is fast approaching and some of my family from the Netherlands will be visiting which is really exciting. As Becky said, spending quality time with your family and friends is an important part to feeling positive.

*I am definitely going to get involved in the World’s Largest Coffee Morning on 30th September and help raise money for worthy cause whilst eating lots and lots of cake…!


Can you believe that there are now 2.5 million people in the UK alone living with cancer, which will almost certainly double by 2030. Macmillan’s goal is to help provide medical, emotional, practical and financial support for any one facing cancer with their motto that ‘No One Should Face Cancer Alone.’

I am personally arranging a get-together with my friends and family, and have a goal to raise £100. Every little counts and I am encouraging anyone who has the time to whip up some sweet treats to invite your best friends round and help those going through a tumultuous time who vitally need the support of Macmillan.

Keep an eye out for my October Newsletter, as I will be bringing you up to date on how much we raised. Not sure I will tell you how much cake we ate though…

If you are in need of a boost this September, why not try out my new LVL Eyelash Enhancement treatment, which I am very excited to announce is now available at my Mayfair clinic. This revolutionary new eyelash-boosting technique will instantly volumise your lashes and brightens your eyes! Unlike traditional lash perms, LVL straightens your natural lashes at the root, which creates a longer and thicker looking lash. A colour tint is also applied to add depth and create a mascara-style effect.

I am addicted to this fabulous treatment and I am sure you will be too!!

The stunning results after the LVL Eyelash Enhancement Treatment.

The stunning results after the LVL Eyelash Enhancement Treatment.

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Much Love

Geraldine Xx