August 2016 Newsletter

August is upon us!

Suddenly July is gone and August is upon us as we embrace the last leg of summer.

This year has seen a lot of change both politically and socially in the UK and around the world. There has been a lot of unrest and controversy and as we welcome the second half of 2016, I for one am determined to stay positive and focused on what really matters; health, love and happiness.

Dean’s Last Chemo on 1st August 2014.

Dean’s Last Chemo on 1st August 2014.

A very close friend of mine from South Africa, Lauren, was given the ultimate faith, strength and mother’s endurance test a couple of years ago when her beautiful son, Dean, was diagnosed with a Cancer called Nephroblastoma. This brave little boy was only 5 years old at the time. No one ever imagines that their child could suffer so much at such a young age but, Dean’s personal strength matched with his mother’s steadfast faith and endless persistence that ‘love would win overall’, has meant that on the 1st of this month, it will be 2 years since he finished the chemotherapy and was told he was Cancer free!

Their incredible story has touched so many lives and a constant daily reminder to me that I should try and worry less and appreciate life more. We so often overlook the small things in life, which are actually the really big things that mean the most to us.

Like Lauren, I have met so many inspiring women through my work and therefore cannot be anything other than in awe of how incredibly strong, determined and lovely all of them are.

Dean with his Family 1st August 2016.

Dean with his Family 1st August 2016.

Another special lady I have had the pleasure of treating over the past few years is Sadie. She is one of my ultimate female-heroes and an incredible example of how even in a challenge she could find the inner-strength to inspire other women who have also been diagnosed with Breast Cancer or help raise funds for Cancer research.

You can find her inspirational story here

July has brought a lot of media focus on self-belief, self-love and empowerment, especially around women. Serena Williams won Wimbledon at the end of July, Hilary Clinton is tipped to become the first female President in the USA and Theresa May has been announced as the UK’s second female Prime Minister for 26 years. As a busy working mother myself, who treats women of all different ages and cultures every day, it feels great to know that we now live in world where women are celebrated for all their worth and I hope we continue to strive for gender equality in all aspects of life.

Talking about talented women I am very pleased to confirm that on 22nd September the incredibly talented Janne Richardson from Harpenden Skin Clinic, who is an expert in Botox and Facial fillers will be working her magic at my clinic in 58 South Molton Street.

Botox and Fillers, a treatment with an instant cosmetic outcome and limited recovery time.

Botox and Fillers, a treatment with an instant cosmetic outcome and limited recovery time.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with Geraldine for Permanent Make Up or Janne for Botox or Fillers then please email us at
or alternatively call us on +44 (0) 203 664 8985 / +44 (0) 7875 697 477



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