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Carmela’s Story

As an active mum, wife and teacher who takes pride in how I look and unable to hide behind a desk all day, my insecurities became more apparent during this difficult period of my life. I happily wore wigs but I refused to spend an extra 30 minutes every morning pencilling on eyebrows. Apart from anything I'm not a profess... More

Tiffany’s Story

"A mere handful of us are blessed with the Cara Delevigne thickness of perfect bushy brows that turn heads and bag you multi-million dollar modelling campaigns whilst many of us, including myself have spent our lives plucking, tweezing, threading and pencilling until we achieve these enviable looks. My eyebrows have always been at the forefront of my insecurities, taking me ages to pencil on every morning, feeling conscious when I have 'removed' them at night time and often hating most photographs of myself based on whether my eyebrows looked symmetrical or, most of the time, not; sound familiar?" More

Kamila’s story

"I'd had my eyebrows treated before in another country a number of years ago, but I wasn't happy with the outcome as they faded fast and the result wasn't at all natural looking." More

Caroline and her mum, Georgette’s story

I'd always known I wanted to get my eyebrows semi permanently tattooed and then I saw pictures of Jade Goody in the press after having hers, I was sold on the idea. They were beautiful and really accentuated her eyes, exactly what I was looking for. I had never over plucked mine but my hair was never thick enough to feel confident about waking up in the morning without any pencil on them and I could never quite get them to look symmetrical. More

Maureen’s Story

"The 70's was a great time for hippie culture, flares and flower power but it was alsoΒ all-the-rage to shave your eyebrows off and replace them with a pencilled line.." More

Natalie’s story

"As an NHS midwife, spending everyday supporting other women and their partners through the biggest life changing experience is magical but it has definitely made me more conscious of my image and working in such a busy environment doesn't lend itself well to always re-touching ones make-up." More