November 2016 Newsletter – Part 2

Let's start this month off with a BANG! This time of year everyone wants to look and feel his or her absolute best, especially in front of the camera! There is nothing worse than seeing a photo from the night before where your lipstick is smudged across your face or your eyebrows are decidedly wonkier than you thought when you so painstakingly drew them on before you left the house... Yes, we have ALL been there! Permanent Make-up can be a fantastic way to fix these little nuances that can have a big effect on our self esteem as well as being a life-saver for busy people who don't ​a... More

November 2016 Newsletter – Part 1

G​rab your sparkly's time to party! Aside from it being socially acceptable to stock up on countless roasties, mulled wine sachets and Celebration tins for Christmas (in case you should need them), I love the festive atmosphere that embarks on London ​ in November. ​Although I am slightly upset about the Dom Pérignon 'Transformation' Pop-up closing on South Molton Street in October​ after only 3 days, I am sure there will be another Champagne Pop-up to tickle my fancy! Everyone seems in a great mood this time of year and although shopping on Oxford Street for Christmas ... More

October 2016 Newsletter

And there September goes...almost over in a flash! Then again, they do say time flies when you are having fun and what a month it has been! I am looking forward to ending it on such a high with everyone at 58 South Molton Street coming together to eat cake and support Macmillan with their Largest Coffee Morning on Friday 30th September. We cannot wait to see you there! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who is coming to support us and help us raise money for this worthy cause. To 58’s gorgeous Michal and her fantastic reception team, Caulene's Bakery House who are are ... More

September 2016 Newsletter

What September Blues?! September is often the month where lots of people start to feel low. The sun is starting to fade, it’s the time when we all start pulling those bulky coats out of the closet in preparation for the months ahead and our next hope of carelessly enjoying rum punch and dancing like no-one is watching, is at the work Christmas party which is approximately 100 days away… *Sigh* There are however a number of ways to banish the 'September blues' and make the run up to Christmas this year a positive one! Rebecca Faulkner, a very close friend and qualified psychother... More

August 2016 Newsletter

August is upon us! This year has seen a lot of change both politically and socially in the UK and around the world. There has been a lot of unrest and controversy and as we welcome the second half of 2016, I for one am determined to stay positive and focused on what really matters; health, love and happiness. A very close friend of mine from South Africa, Lauren, was given the ultimate faith, strength and mother's endurance test a couple of years ago when her beautiful son, Dean, was diagnosed with a Cancer called Nephroblastoma. This brave little boy was only 5 years old at the ... More

July 2016 Newsletter

Goodbye June, Hello July! July always feels like the happiest month in London. With the Sporting Season well under way, there is such a positive energy and feeling of patriotism in the air. South Molton Street where my clinic is based is one of a number of places to have installed a very British Pimms Pop-Up for all eager fans to watch the tennis games outside until Sunday 10th July. These types of Pop-ups are just one of the many things I love about London. They are starting to replace actual restaurants and stores, as brands look for new, quirky and exciting ways to promote themse... More

June 2016 Newsletter

Hello June! Welcome Summer… We are officially half way through the year, yay! For me June is the best month by far. Everyone seems to embrace summer dresses despite our unpredictable English weather, a feel-good spirit fills the London air as people eagerly await their annual summer holiday and it is also the month that my beautiful twin girls were born! As my husband and I prepared for their 2nd birthday, like any new(-ish) mum it amazes me how quickly they are growing up. Every day they are learning something new and embracing their own individual personalities. 

Spending ... More

May 2016 Newsletter

Dear Lovely Readers, I can't quite believe it's May already, I have been such a busy bee looking after my twin girls, working on the launch of my new website and the opening of my brand new Mayfair clinic that I almost didn't notice the sun is starting to shine in my favourite city!  This means only one thing, no more puffer coats to hide our pasty legs ladies, it's that time of year again where we rush to Boots for an overhaul of plucking, waxing, tanning to get summer-bikini-ready! I love everything about summer in the city, the al fresco dining, excuses to enjoy a G&T at 4pm ... More