April 2018 Newsletter

No Worries. It means no worries For the rest of your days It's our problem-free philosophy Hakuna Matata!… One of the biggest advantages of having any Permanent Make Up treatment is that it results in a hassle-free solution to your everyday makeup routine. Living in a fast-paced world where everything can be done and solved with a click of a button has its positives; but to keep up with our ever-evolving and changing lives, it also means there is a definite need for time saving measurements to help us thrive and keep up with our manic schedules, and obviously looking the part too... ... More

March 2018 Newsletter

March, Mothers & Merriment Mark Twain said: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Six years ago, one of my biggest dreams became a reality - I started my own business. Little did I know when I first had this vision at just 21 years old - still studying and finding my feet while enjoying being young & carefree - that me, the girl from South Africa, would end up owning a business in beautiful South Molton Street, Mayfair in the heart of London. Better to dream big than too small as they say, and for me thankfully, it became ... More

February 2018 Newsletter

An Eternal Love When deciding on a title for my February blog, I had mixed emotions. February is the month of Love, and so it should be. Firstly, we have Pancake Day (I blame it on my South Africaness that I have to turn anything remotely food-related into a celebration), then the big one - Valentine ’s Day (I am a hopeless romantic 😉), my mum’s birthday on the 10th and my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday on the 23rd. Then the one that has been sub-consciously tugging on my heart-strings, the 26th February, a bittersweet celebration that marks a decade since my dad went to heaven. ... More

January 2018 Newsletter

Restoring balance... A New Year is a beautiful thing. Positive hopes, beliefs and dreams aspire from our plans and promises to ourselves. We reflect and allow for a brighter side to our hidden and sometimes less colourful self in the hope that our soul-searching me-time over the holidays will bring us clues as to which direction to take next. And if I am completely honest, I have to admit, I feel a bit invincible, much like I am super woman who dusted off her cape after a much-needed break because I know I am a woman with a plan. I am capable of anything I set my mind and heart to and I am ... More

December 2017 Newsletter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the countdown begins towards Christmas, I feel proud to reflect on the goals we set for ourselves this year. Our focus for 2017 was to help others ‘Embrace their Uniqueness’ so that we can all be a little more content with who we are. We are so quick to criticise ourselves, thinking we don’t live up to the images the media portrays of the perfect partner, parent, manager, employee…the perfect anything - most of us don’t have ‘the perfect’ body - all of us are stressed and overworked at some point and the constant feeling of guilt ... More

November 2017 Newsletter

Time flies when you’re having fun! So, it’s November... NOVEMBER?! Already?! How did that happen? Apart from only having a couple of months to complete endless tasks that still needs doing before 2018 makes its brand-new appearance, I am excited and eager to see what November holds in the capital. London always promise to deliver and the last stretch of 2017 is again sure to be a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed! There are jam-packed events and parties starting to pop up everywhere, beautiful people all dressed up wandering the streets, festive lights are being ... More

October 2017 Newsletter

Of Course it’s Personal! October to me symbolises reflection, preparation and countdown to beautiful things. This time of year, I always feel a strong urge to start finishing undone tasks and clearing lists that have been lingering on my mind (and notepad…) for a while, so that everything is ticked off by the end of the year, ready for a fresh start in 2018. What a year it’s been so far, so many blessings to be thankful for and so many new, beautiful people that I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I always say that it’s impossible for me NOT to get personally involved in my work, ... More

September 2017 Newsletter

A September to Remember Although the last few days of August have been beautiful weather-wise here in London, there seem to be a definite crispness in the air in the mornings, and although some of us (a.k.a me, the South African in London), are still clinging to the hope of another 30 degree week, (or weekend, or just one day, pleeeeeaaasse?!!) it’s pretty safe to say there are signs that autumn is slowly but surely making its appearance. Nature will soon show us beautiful splashes of warm red, yellow and orange colours which always leave me in awe of how wonderful and clever our amazing ... More

August 2017 Newsletter

Skin Deep... I waved my girls' goodbye as they headed off for their final day at Nursery earlier this month...How did that happen already? How time flies! Now my husband and I have 6 glorious (and slightly dreaded) weeks ahead of us where we need to keep our girls entertained! If anyone has any fun recommendations on how to keep two princesses smiling everyday, then please do tell me! As a couple who both work, the summer holidays can be challenging to manage but we have decided that we will take it in turns to spend quality time with our girls and honestly, we can't wait. We will be ... More

July 2017 Newsletter

It’s a big deal! When someone walks in to my clinic for the very first time I always try to make him or her feel at home. Although it is meant to be an exciting experience, it is normal for anyone to feel nervous and to me this is definitely not a bad thing; it is a good indication that the individual has spent time thinking through their decision to have a Permanent Make Up treatment, very carefully. Everyone has different reasons for visiting my clinic, but the majority of clients share similar concerns and although I do have a Q&A page on my website, I thought it might be ... More