February 2019 Newsletter

Made with Love And just like that, February the “mini-month” has arrived! For me, February is like the bridge between cold, grey January and “spring-is-in-sight-March”, linking the two together and making us excited and eagerly anticipating the warmer, longer days that are just around the corner. February oozes love and excitement! You can’t walk around the corner without seeing adverts filled with hearts and shops showing the love with their beautiful red and pink window displays. Restaurants invite us inside with their romantic themed dinners and hotels seduce us with their ... More

January 2019 Newsletter

Even More You 

New Year, Same You It is said that knowledge comes from learning and wisdom from living. Isn’t this so true? As a new year holds new prospects to look forward to, 2018 also added greatly to our ‘wisdom bank’ from the memories we made, experiences we had and insights we gained. I love how as the New Year arrives (and as we get older 😉) priorities change and we give attention to what really matters. We selflessly realise that we are indeed worthy of being top of the priority list (or at least share the top rank 😉). And so it should be! It... More

December 2018 Newsletter

Don’t Blink 👀 And in just a blink of an eye we’re in mid-December and Christmas is just around the corner! London is yet again decorated with beautiful, sparkling Christmas lights; it truly is a magnificent sight that is sure to convert any old, grumpy Christmas Grinch into a Christmas lover! The spirit of Christmas is echoed in the gorgeous window displays and decorations, inviting shops and restaurants, mulled wine and mince pies and not to forget, yes, even the irritated pedestrians and nonchalant shoppers and visitors from afar (who seem not to know that the left hand ... More

November 2018 Newsletter

P A R T Y * F E V E R Make up tutorials are the new must-have, or rather must-watch, for anyone doing anything remotely more exciting than a cosy night in. Gone are the days where Evening or Occasion Make Up meant making your Day Make Up a bit darker. Oh no, it now means contouring your features to make them appear more defined, mastering the perfect eyeliner flick, using to-die-for glittery eyeshadows to make your eyes appear bigger, and adding bright or nude lipstick and glosses to make your lips perfectly kissable! If these online tutorial videos don’t get you into the party season ... More

October 2018 Newsletter

Seasons of Change Bittersweet October, Boobs & Brows… American writer, Mitchell Burgess put it beautifully: “If winter is slumber and spring is birth, and summer is life, then autumn rounds out to be reflection.” As our magnificent summer transitions into autumn we too have the opportunity to transform, renew, rethink and reflect, and this is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve always loved my job and although it was the creative side I initially fell in love with, my true job satisfaction and enjoyment comes from the relationships I’ve made with my clients over the years. ... More

September 2018 Newsletter

Winning at Twinning My September School Run Checklist: ✓ Permanent Eyebrows ✓ Permanent Lips ✓ Lipgloss that’s easy to apply without a mirror (I’m obsessed with Rebel from bareMinerals) ✓ LVL Lash Enhancement to lift lashes; so no need for mascara ✓ Permanent Eyeliner for waving my girls goodbye on their first day of reception (smudge-free...😢) Yes, I AM ready… It’s September 2018 and the Viljoen family are about to start another new chapter with our girls heading off to ‘big school’ this week. As a mum who knows the morning-drill all too well, I know ... More

August 2018 Newsletter

Picture this! They say "A picture is worth a thousand words". This suggests that any complex idea can be explained with just a single still image or that an image expresses its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does. Photography is a secret hobby of mine. I am fascinated by the creative aspects of this beautiful art form and it’s one of my most favourite pastimes. Capturing cherished moments of my family, friends and nature as well as using it as a very important medium to display the before & after results and impact of the work that I do is invaluable. Beauty, ... More

July 2018 Newsletter

When Eyebrows meet over chocolate! Yes, we are officially nearing the end of the year – think cold weather, big coats and dark evenings! But for now, let’s enjoy the beautiful British Summer time. Six months have passed and although 1st July is generally thought to be the mid-point of the year, the exact halfway point is on July 3rd in a non-leap year at 1pm BST. So, to welcome the new month, here are a few interesting and fun facts: The month of July is named after Julius Caesar - a decision of the Roman Senate in 44BC as July was the month of his birth. Before that, it had ... More

June 2018 Newsletter

Hey June… Six months into the year and it is safe to say (touch wood) that the cold is a distant memory. Summer is finally here, and we have colourful displays of flowers and leafy green parks and fields, which is what I imagine I would find my inspiration from if I was a painter. Its breathtakingly beautiful. Another ‘bonus’ with the warmer weather is friendlier faces; which dare I say are quite a treat in London during rush hour. Combine this with a well-needed splash of summer-colour in the fashion ‘department’ and us Londoners’ are basically brand new and updated people ... More

May 2018 Newsletter

A Smile Fit for a Princess… I just love weddings! Beautiful, happy moments celebrating the love of two special people, and in front of the ones considered to be the most important in our lives. With just two and half weeks to go until the Royal wedding, where Meghan Markle is set to wed and declare her love to her very own prince, we are all so excited to be ‘part’ of this big Royal celebration. No doubt Meghan will look absolutely stunning. We all love her flawless natural look, her effortless soft defining eye make-up, and oh that smile! We stand in awe! This May is extra ... More