June 2017 Newsletter

Sunny Days Ahead! When the sun comes out in London, it means only one thing - grab that table outside and don’t let it go! When temperatures sore, the City transforms. Gone are the starch suit jackets and itchy cardigans, the brisk walkers with always somewhere important to be and the grumpy, oh so, pasty faces. Hello, to the open ... More

May 2017 Newsletter

May in Mayfair… Easter egg hunts completed: One Chocolate eggs consumed: A lot more than One Easter egg calories burnt off: Zero (except when running after the girls on their scooters of course!) Alcohol units: Who knows… Days out in the sun: Every day it has made an appearance - I am South African after all! Number of laughs: ... More

April 2017 Newsletter

Happy Easter Every Bunny! As per the Latin word ‘aperie’, April means to open - how apt. Just as the petals on the buds begin to unravel, I too will peel back the wrapper of my favourite chocolate bar, put my feet up and savour each and every mouthful… Ahh lent, how I shan’t miss you! ;) Jokes and April Fools aside, April has ... More

March 2017 Newsletter

The spring is back in our step! The days are finally getting longer, so let’s shake off winter! The 1st March doesn’t just mark the beginning of Spring, it also marks my business’ 5 year anniversary! I’m so proud of how far my business has come and can say hand-on-my-heart that hard work definitely pays off! I knew I always wanted ... More

February 2017 Newsletter

Love is in the air Wow, it’s February already! January has been an exciting month full of new ideas and plans for the year ahead and for the future of my Permanent Make Up business. What an amazing feeling to know my business will mark it’s 5 year anniversary in March, and that I will also be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of being ... More

January 2017 Newsletter

Beauty Begins the Moment you Decide to be Yourself Happy New Year everyone! I hope your Christmas was as lovely as mine. I was lucky enough to spend an idyllic week in a snug little cottage in the middle of the country with my husband and gorgeous twin girls. There was barely any WIFI which I took as blessing in disguise to spend much needed ... More

December 2016 Newsletter

Only Look Back to see how far you've come... It's December! I am not sure exactly where this year has gone but I know that this has been one of the most interesting years of my life! When you own your own business it is so easy to just focus on the things you need to improve and although it is certainly important to acknowledge these, we ... More

November 2016 Newsletter – Part 2

Let's start this month off with a BANG! This time of year everyone wants to look and feel his or her absolute best, especially in front of the camera! There is nothing worse than seeing a photo from the night before where your lipstick is smudged across your face or your eyebrows are decidedly wonkier than you thought when you so painstaki... More

November 2016 Newsletter – Part 1

G​rab your sparkly dress...it's time to party! Aside from it being socially acceptable to stock up on countless roasties, mulled wine sachets and Celebration tins for Christmas (in case you should need them), I love the festive atmosphere that embarks on London ​ in November. ​Although I am slightly upset about the Dom Pérignon ... More

October 2016 Newsletter

And there September goes...almost over in a flash! Then again, they do say time flies when you are having fun and what a month it has been! I am looking forward to ending it on such a high with everyone at 58 South Molton Street coming together to eat cake and support Macmillan with their Largest Coffee Morning on Friday 30th September. We ... More